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Eight ways to create better promotions


Whatever the industry, everyone has their lists of best practices. Problem is, the advice is often along the lines of “eat right” and “exercise more.” Good things to do, to be sure, but not terribly helpful in here and now. When your consumer incentive programs are lagging, you need quantifiable results from your marketing, not wise old sayings.

To help you get those results, we’ve prepared a guide for those times when your consumer programs need a little help getting out of bed each morning. It consists of eight real-world tips with plenty of examples, including:

Choose the right reward—trends shift based on demographic and dollar value, so listen to your customers carefully

Market the value—effectively communicate your incentives as a tool to drive behaviors

Timely turnaround—if you can’t meet expectations, it’s best not to set them

Keep talking—throughout the entire process, stay in touch with your customers to find out what worked and what didn’t

Perhaps most importantly, work with a proven incentive provider and account team that knows how to develop customer acquisition and loyalty programs.

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