Build Your Business Case for Your Channel Incentives With a Pilot Program

Prove value, gain insight, forecast costs


Any sales incentive program has a degree of uncertainty. Channel sales incentive programs have uncertainty in spades. Is it wise to wait until the postmortem to learn some hard lessons that might have been anticipated earlier? Usually not, so a pilot program can be a great way to get buy-in from executives, as well as gain valuable insights that you can put into practice when you roll out the program on a broader scale.

To help you with that, we’ve provided a 10-step guide for designing a successful channel sales pilot program, including:

  • Aligning testing with real-world scenarios
  • Understanding the particular competitive environment
  • Over-communicating to generate awareness and excitement
  • Measuring effectiveness through quantitative and qualitative metrics

A pilot program will allow you to project effectiveness and forecast costs for your full launch. You’ll also be better prepared for the inevitable in-flight adjustments.

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