Yes, You Really Can Measure Channel Incentive Program Success

How to turn ROI dreams into reality


Calculating ROI for a channel incentive program can be like trying to calculate the value of a rain dance: It may rain, but are you sure the dance had anything to do with it? Many marketers have simply given up trying to make sense of it all. But believe it or not, there are solid and sensible methods for tracking channel program ROI. And when you use them, your incentive programs will no longer be an obligatory “cost of doing business,” but effective and efficient channel motivators.

We’ve prepared a detailed guide to help you build a foundation for analysis using three methods:

  • Test/Control comparison
  • Behavioral impact
  • Qualitative insights

All three methods should be used, because each one provides a unique set of data, but any one of them, properly structured and conducted, will provide you with valuable, actionable information.

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