How to Separate Your Vet Clinic Reward Programs From the Pack

12 tips for making sure your pet pharma products gain the edge


Hey, we totally get it. Animal health is a competitive landscape (some might even call it dog-eat-dog). Structuring your incentive program to engage vets and their staff to evangelize your pet pharma products over others is a lot easier said than done.

At the same time, it’s also a question of balance. You don’t want to overinvest in a custom solution that doesn’t drive engagement, or underinvest and not do enough. How do you see your way clear to design the most effective vet clinic rebates and incentives?

Here are 12 ways. Our ebook provides a dozen tricks for gaining an edge when it’s decision time in the exam room. For example:

  • Sales isn’t just about selling—reward not only the transaction, but the behaviors that lead to sales or better service, such as training, continuing education and dose reminders
  • Share the wealth—clinic-level rewards motivate the entire team, while vets and staff can be rewarded for their own efforts to go above and beyond
  • Bundle it up—what’s better than a one-month supply of heartworm medication? A three-month supply, paired with some flea and tick preventive care

By laying the proper groundwork for your pet pharma programs, you can find that balance will take care of itself.


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