Why Veterinarians Love Pet Pharma Incentives and Rebates

Plus a few things they don’t


How do vets and their staff feel about animal health incentive and rebate programs? We thought we’d ask them and find out.

Going straight to the horse’s mouth, so to speak, our new ebook is the result of a number of in-person and phone interviews with teams of vets and technical staff members from different parts of the country. We asked them how they felt about vet rebate management for pet pharma, consumer incentives and rebates for preventative meds, staff and clinic incentives, and more, including ideas for improvement.

The vets and techs were forthcoming on what types of discount and rebate programs met with their approval, and were just as candid on those that that didn’t. Among the findings in this ebook:

  • Vets and their techs are much more interested in the educational materials suppliers can provide than in advertising materials
  • Rebates have a more important role in day-to-day clinic life than you might initially think
  • Rebates that are too difficult to submit are of no use to vet clinics

Download this ebook to find out more, including specific recommendations and a wish list of thing vets and their techs would like to see from their pet pharma manufacturers.

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